JEFFREY L. PEACH MEDIATION                                      


Jeffrey L. Peach, Esq.

Legal Practice:
Licensed Attorney in the State of Tennessee
Listed Rule 31 Family Mediator
Admitted to Practice in Middle District Court of the United States
Current Associations:
Member of the Tennessee Bar Association
Member of the Rutherford/Cannon County Bar Association
Member of the Tennessee Municipal Attorney's Association
Member of the International Municipal Lawyers Association
Level 4 Contributor of AVVO
Tennessee Delinquent Tax Attorney Association
Past Associations:
Retired Post Certified Peace Officer 
Former Member of Fraternal Order of Police
Former Member of Police Benevolent Association

T.S.C Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator                                  
 Serving Rutherford, Williamson and Davidson Counties
Message from Jeffrey L. Peach
     Mediation is a part of our every day life, even if we do not realize it. Mediation has been a greater portion of my professional working life for twenty years. As a retired police investigator I found myself mediating disputes on a daily basis, if not hourly on some days. In order for a mediator to be effective, he must be able to listen to the clients and take a realistic approach to finding a bridge between all parties involved. I believe it is also important for the mediator to understand the process of a legal dispute, but even more importantly, the mediator should understand the emotional burden of being involved in a legal dispute. I have personally observed and played a part in numerous legal disputes, as both attorney and client. 
        Going through a Divorce is not an easy task for either participant and the subject of child custody can turn an amicable disagreement into an aggressive dispute. The parties involved are usually more apprehensive about the unkowns of a judicial order then they are about the disagreement itself. Mediation is the one, and only, period during the divorce process where the parties have control over what will happen to their property,as well as the custody arrangement with their children and the division of their assets.
        A successful mediation will prevent further litigation and court costs from being incurred. In many instances, mediation can diffuse elevated disputes and initiate the journey to establishing civil communication between the parties
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